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  • Anaula Nature Resort by the Upper Suriname river
  • District Commewijne which is famous for their sugar plantations
  • Idyllic waterfalls and rapids
  • Boat trips along rapids
  • Impressive forest walks
  • Bigi Pan (the biggest swamp of Suriname)
  • Plantation Bergendal and her moving past
  • Getting acquainted with maroon culture

What makes this round trip special

  • Visit the highlights in all corners of Suriname
  • Travel comfortably through the country

1: Arrival – Paramaribo
2: Peperpot Plantation Tour       
3: Paramaribo Bustour
4-6: Nickerie-Bigi Pan
7-10: Anaula
11-12: Bergendal
13: Commewijne
14: Paramaribo
15: Return flight
16: Arrival

Transfer by shuttle bus to your hotel in the heart of Paramaribo, where you will spend 3 nights. All nights spent in Paramaribo are in this hotel. When leaving Paramaribo for a multiple day tour, you can safely store part of your luggage here. No meals included (Travel distance approx. 50 km).

District Commewijne flourished in the 19th century owing to the coffee and cacao plantations. During your visit to Peperpot (one of the most well-known plantations), you will have a look inside an old coffee factory, plantation houses and the kampongs. You will also experience an extraordinary encounter with the friendliest Javanese horticulturist of the area. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 15 km).

The historic center of Paramaribo is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides the special buildings such as the wooden basilica, the ethnic groups that live here characterize the city. By bus you will discover the rich history that lies behind the beautiful wooden facades of several buildings. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 10 km).

Discover the coastal districts of Suriname. From Paramaribo in a westerly direction – via the Saramacca and Coronie districts – to Nickerie. The inhabitants of each district have retained their authentic culture and economic activity resulting for each district to have their own unique character. The day program ends in New Nickerie, where you will spend the night in a simple but cozy hotel. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 250 km).

Bigi Pan houses122 coastal bird species, including the most famous red ibis and Flamingo. By boat you will discover this huge swamp with a rich flora and fauna and you will experience this paradise for bird lovers firsthand. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 20 km).

Nickerie is a typical agriculture district and is famous for its tasty Rice. Today you will get a guided tour of the most modern rice factory in Suriname. After a very interesting morning you start your journey back to Paramaribo where you will spend 1 night. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 270 km).

The Upper-Suriname area is known for its unique maroon culture and its untouched Amazon rainforest. The maroons, descendants of runaway slaves, have settled in the inaccessible rainforest a long time ago where they started a new existence. By their isolated way of life, they developed a unique culture with strong African influences. The maroon villagers are proud to introduce their culture to you.

In a motorized canoe you travel deeper into the Upper Suriname area to an island called Anaula Nature Resort. You will stay 3 nights and fill your days with adventurous excursions like jungle hikes, caiman spotting, hikes through authentic maroon villages and boat rides through rapids. Meals: B, L & D (Travel distance approx. 250 km).

Your journey continues by boat and bus to the Bergendal River Resort where you will spend 2 nights. Along the Suriname river bank, amidst a breathtaking tropical landscape, lays this luxurious resort. This eco & cultural river resort is the perfect resort to unwind in-between your adventurous tours. Nature, culture and history are the major themes of all activities in and around the resort. Explore this area on your own. At the neighboring Bergendal  Adventure Centre all kinds of adventurous activities (e.g. canopy rides/kayaking) are offered. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 100 km).

Brownsberg nature park (mountaintop 500m), known for its impressive plant- and animal kingdom, has a rich biodiversity and offers an overwhelming view of the Brokopondo reservoir. During a interesting hike through the forest you will pass idyllic waterfalls and stand eye to eye with various exotic animals like monkeys, birds and agoutis. In the late afternoon you return back to the Bergendal River Resort. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 20 km).

After an enjoyable morning of the tranquility of nature or the opposite, a morning full of adventure (kayaking or canopy zip lining), you travel to the district of Commewijne, once famous for its sugar & coffee plantations. The day program ends in New Amsterdam where you will spend 2 nights in a cozy hotel. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 270 km).

Day off to explore this once flourishing plantation district on your own. Visit the open air museum of New Amsterdam* or book an optional bike tour to Plantation Marienburg*. During the turtle hatching season (Febuary through July) it is possible to book a Turtle night tour*. This tour takes you by boat to the beach of Braamspunt where you can experience the miraculous event of the giant turtles hatching their eggs. Meals: B (no travel distance)

For centuries, hundreds of thousands of slaves were put to work on the many sugar cane plantations around the Commewijne- & Suriname river.

Though many of the 17th and 18th-century plantations in Suriname had romantic names, they hide a world of suffering and oppression. At the height of slavery there were more than 500 plantations where slaves were put to work. First only sugar was cultivated but later also tea and cocoa.

After a relaxing morning at the pool you will travel back to your hotel in Paramaribo. The rest of the afternoon you have time to go shopping for souvenirs and fair priced summer clothes & foot wear. Meals: B (Travel distance approx. 20 km).

This is the last day in Suriname to enjoy the pool or buy some souvenirs. In the afternoon an airport shuttle will pick you up for your return flight. Meals: B (Travel distance. 50 km)

On this day you arrive at your starting point.

Program is subject to change


  • Reservation fee: € 20,- per booking
  • Meet & Greet
  • All nights in tourist class hotels and cozy jungle lodges
  • Stay in Nickerie-Bigi Pan, Bergendal, Commewijne based on bed & breakfast basis
  • Stay in Anaula based on full board
  • Transfer airport – hotel Paramaribo v.v.
  • Transfer over land and by boat (dugout canoe) to Nickerie-Bigi Pan, Anaula, Bergendal, and Commewijne v.v.
  • Day tours: Paramaribo bus tour, Peperpot Plantation Tour & Brownsberg tour
  • All mentioned activities in the itinerary at in Nickerie-Bigi Pan, Bergendal, Commewijne and Anaula (all depending on the weather & water level)
  • Entrance fees during the tour in the standard program


  • International flights
  • Other meals
  • Optional excursions
  • Personal expenses

Arrival dates: Every Saturday in 2019

Rate p / p based on 2 persons in 1 double room: € 1243

Single room surcharge: € 407

  • Hat or cap
  • Closed shoes
  • Trousers and longsleeved shirt
  • Camera with charges batteries
  • Raincoat/poncho
  • Zonnebrandolie
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Backpack
  • Toiletaries
  • Swimwear
  • Watershoes
  • Flashlight
  • Waterproof bag
  • Weekend bag

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