Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is the most comfortable resort on the Van Blommenstein lake where you have a beautiful view of the water from your bed. During this tour Paradise Island is used as a base from which you can do adventurous activities. From fishing expedition to impressive kayak trips to neighboring islands. From Paradise Island you will also make a boat trip to Maroon villages and rapids on the Upper Suriname river, further south in the interior of Suriname.

From the Afobaka dam it is a 1½ hour trip by boat to Paradise Island. During the boat trip in a large “korjaal” dugout canoe (boat made from a hollow tree trunk), you are able to enjoy the mountainous landscapes that surround the lake. Especially when you realize that you are above an area where at the end of the 19th century they started to build a railroad that would bring prosperity to the promising gold industry.

When you arrive by boat the sensations of peace and nature envelop you right away. The whole island is a recreational resort. Paradise Island is situated centrally in the lake, facilitating daytrips to other islands and to maroon villages on the Upper Suriname River. This makes you experience the maroon culture firsthand. The lake is a favorite for fanatical fishermen. Especially the Tucunari (Peacock bass) are often caught here. This fish is delicious and especially easy to fillet. You can relax on the island in or near the pool and the kids can also have their fun in the shallow pool.

In short Paradise Island is the perfect destination when you’re looking for nature, adventure, culture and rest.

Highlights/ Activities

  • Boat trip & excursions on the lake
  • Swimming in water rapids
  • A visit to maroon villages
  • A visit to Bakaaboto Resort
  • Tasteful Surinamese cuisine
  • Fishing expedition* – in serge of the biggest peacock bass
  • Adventurous kayak expedition*

What makes this tour special

  • Stay in one of the most comfortable resort on the lake
  • In a short time a total experience through the combination between Nature, Action and Culture
  • No malaria
  • Suitable for children

Departure to the Afobaka Dam. Transition to a dugout canoe to continue the journey to Paradise Island. After arrival, lunch is served. In the afternoon there is a chance to swim, fish or go kayaking. After dinner the program for the next day is discussed.

After breakfast, follows a boat ride of 1 ½ hours to the impressive Upper Suriname region. Next is a village walk in the Maroon Village Duatra. Lunch is served at Bakaa Boto (a nearby rustic resort) after which there is a chance to swim and relax in the impressive Bakaa Boto rapids. A typical Surinamese BBQ is served in the evening on Paradise Island.

After breakfast, last opportunity to swim, fish or relax on the beach. After lunch, departure to Paramaribo.

Transportation Bus/boat
Travel time 180 min.
Departure 09.00 hrs*
Arrival 19.00 hrs
Schedule Daily (with a minimum of 6 persons)
Included Transfer, guide, 2 night accommodation, 2x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x diner, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and local excursion
Excluded Kayak rental, boat rental for fishing, alcoholic beverages, soda and other
* the departure time depends on the pick-up address and therefore varies from place to place. Departure time shown are from Krasnapolsky Hotel (in the City Center) Please check your voucher or invoice for the exact departure time and departure location. A difference of 15 minutes is considered normal.

By booking this tour, you contribute to:

• Employment & tourism education for local communities
• Supporting the local economy by purchasing local products & services

  • Fishing gear
  • Towels
  • Small backpack (for during the trip)
  • Pants & Long sleeved shirt (for during the night)
  • Mosquito lotion
  • Cap or hat
  • Poncho / rain jacket
  • Sporty clothes
  • Walking shoes
  • Suntan /Sun block lotion
  • Swimsuit
  • Weekend bag
  • Passport

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IBAN: NL40INGB0797332219
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Republic Bank Suriname N.V.
Paramaribo, Suriname
Swiftcode: RBNKSRPA
SRD 0197313228
USD 0197313309
EUR 0197313481
Paramaribo, Suriname


Bank of America
Account number 2290 3930 8017
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Accommodation details Paradise Island

Rating of accommodation: Comfortable

The Resort / Lodge

Total capacity of the resort (Maximum amount of guests)


Paradise Island 1: 32 guests

Paradise Island 2: 16 guests

Amount of rooms/bungalows


Paradise Island 1: 1 sleeping dormitory divided in 8 sleeping facilities

Paradise Island 2: 1 sleeping dormitory divided in 8 sleeping facilities

The Lodges / rooms

Interiour surface of the lodge/room (L x W in meters) 3m X 3m
Maximum capacity of the lodge/room


Paradise Island 1: each sleeping facility has a bunk bed for 4 persons

Paradise Island 2: 1 double bed per sleeping facility

Airconditioning No
Fan No
Warm water No
Closet No
Coat hangers No
Towel No
Mosquito net No
Balcony / terrace No
Electricity 110V Available for lighting only between 18.00 hrs – 23.00 hrs
Wall socket type No
Type of sanitary facility (central / private per lodge/room) Central sanitary / showers