Overbridge river resort trip

The idyllic beach of Overbridge in Suriname is surrounded by the mysterious Amazon Jungle that provides habitat to forest giants, lianas, palms and the characteristic majestic kankantries. Overbridge offers a pure, pristine wilderness where the peace and quiet is only interrupted by songs of birds, the croak of frogs and if you listen carefully, the roar of monkeys.

Highlights/ Activities

  • Secondary tropical forest
  • Jungle trails
  • Fishing **
  • Clean freshwater beach
  • Animals such as birds, monkeys, frogs etc

*in advance on request
**it is best to bring your own fishing gear.

For the safety of the guests, the swimming area at Overbridge is protected by nets.

What makes this tour special

  • Close to Paramaribo
  • Beautiful flora en fauna
  • Little physical exertion
  • Suitable for children
  • No malaria

After leaving Paramaribo towards the Brokopondo District, we arrive at the Overbridge River Resort after a drive of approximately one hour. At Overbridge you will get a tour of the complex and you are taken to a beach hut. The strand hut can serve as a base for the rest of the day, from which you can undertake activities such as a walk in the woods and a swim in the Suriname River. You can also choose to simply relax on the beach or in a hammock under the trees. From the pier at Overbridge you can also go fishing in the hope to catch a Toekoenari, Koebi, pike or Trapoen. Around lunchtime you can enjoy a warm meal at the restaurant. Towards the end of the afternoon you will head back towards Paramaribo. The program is subject to change.

Travel time90 min.
Departure time09.00 hrs < < 11.00 hrs*
Back in Paramaribo18.00 hrs
Regular departureDaily (with a minimum of 2 persons)
InclusiveTransportation, entrance fee, beach hut, lunch and non-alcoholic drinks
ExclusiveNon-alcoholic drinks and hammock
* the departure time depends on the pick-up address and therefore varies from place to place. Departure time shown are from Krasnapolsky Hotel (in the City Center) Please check your voucher or invoice for the exact departure time and departure location. A difference of 15 minutes is considered normal.

  • Hat or cap
  • Good walking shoes
  • Long pants and long sleeve shirt
  • Extra batteries for camera
  • Raincoat / poncho
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Milk
  • Backpack
  • Towel
  • Pocket change SRD
  • Backpack (for during excursions)
  • Dry clothes
  • Swimwear

Most tour operators (like Orange Travel) list their rates in Euro.
The most advantageous way to pay is cash or by bank* in Euro.
Followed by cash in SRD or U$D, then POS in SRD * and finally a credit card payment **.

* If there are any additional bank charges, these should be paid by the customer. If it turns out that not the full agreed amount is credited to our account, the difference should still be paid before participating or checking in.

** When using POS (our machine only excepts SRD) we will use the daily exchange rate of the cambio’s. As these sometimes differ significantly from the rate your- and our bank uses, you can come out worse between 10% and 30% (in this Orange Travel has no benefit, yet influence).

*** All credit card payments are processed in U$D and a bank fee is added. The fee for Visa and MasterCard is 5% (in this Orange Travel has no benefit, yet influence). This payment method requires you to show your passport.

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