District tour Bigi Pan

District tour Bigi Pan

Visit and experience 4 of 6 coastal districts of Suriname. Going west from Paramaribo, we visit the capital of Saramacca, Coronie and Nickerie. Each district is characterized by still retaining its authentic culture and economic activity. The highlight of this tour is a visit to nature reserve Bigi Pan where you will be amazed by the unique flora and fauna.

Highlights/ Activities

  • Visiting all the passing districts (each with its own character)
  • Impressive cruise on Bigi Pan
  • Visit to the most Temple in Nickerie

What makes this tour special

  • Acquaintance with different cultures
  • History of all immigrants
  • Unique swamp area with its flora and fauna
  • Excellent blend of history, nature and culture (Javanese, Maroon, Creole and Hindi)
  • No malaria

Depart from Paramaribo in a bus to visit Groningen, in 1845 a settlement of Dutch farmers, now functioning as the chief town of the District of Saramacca. Further down the road a visit to Boskamp, a fishermen’s port; further more Coronie, the “coconut district” where the original architecture of the slave houses has been maintained.
Later in the afternoon we pass the imposing ricefields of Henarpolder and arrive in Nickerie where we visit, Zeedijk and a Hindu temple. At night we go for dinner in a restaurant to close the evening

After breakfast go by boat (Dugout canoe) to the nature reserve Bigi Pan. This is a huge morass/swamp with rich flora & fauna and is a genuine paradise for bird lovers. After this boat trip we start our journey back to Paramaribo.

Transportation Bus
Travel time 240 min.
Departure 08.00 hrs*
Arrival 17.00 hrs
Schedule Daily (with a minimum of 4 persons)
Included Transfer*, guide, entrée fees, accommodation for 1 night, 1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x diner, coffee, thee, water, lemonade and local excursions  including the boat trip to Bigi Pan.
Excluded Other drinks and snacks
* the departure time depends on the pick-up address and therefore varies from place to place. Departure time shown are from Krasnapolsky Hotel (in the City Center) Please check your voucher or invoice for the exact departure time and departure location. A difference of 15 minutes is considered normal.
When travelling by air, you will depart and arrive from airfield Zorg en Hoop (domestic airfield)

By booking this tour, you contribute to:

• Supporting the local economy by purchasing local meals & services
• Supporting the fight against illegal hunting and fishing (tourism offers the alternative)

  • Hat or cap
  • Good walking shoes
  • Long pants and long sleeve shirt
  • Extra batteries for camera
  • Raincoat / poncho
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Milk
  • Backpack
  • Fishing tools
  • Pocket change SRD

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Accommodation details Districten tours

Rating of accommodation: Comfortable

During the Districten tour the overnight stay is done in a hotel in Nieuw Nickerie. The standard hotel used for the stay is Regency hotel, in case this hotel doesnt have availability it is possible that the overnicht stay is done at another hotel.

The Resort / Lodge

Total capacity of the resort (Maximum amount of guests) 

37 guests

Amount of rooms/bungalows


10 double rooms

5 triple rooms

1 suite

The Lodges / rooms

Interiour surface of the lodge/room (L x W in meters) 16m2
Maximum capacity of the lodge/room


Double room: 2 guests

Triple room: 3 guests

Suite: 2 guests

Airconditioning Yes
Fan No
Warm water Yes
Closet Yes
Coat hangers Yes
Towel Yes
Mosquito net No
Balcony / terrace Central balcony in front of the building
Electricity 110V Yes
Wall socket type EU
Type of sanitary facility (central / private per lodge/room) Private sanitary / bath per room